Current Planning Status

In 2016, a competition was held for the realization of the Munich Concert Hall. In October 2017, the jury awarded prizes to five projects and recognitions to four out of 31 designs. In May 2018, the Budget Committee of the Bavarian State Parliament approved the award of a contract to the winners of the architectural competition.

In parallel to the planning of the building by the experts, the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts is already preparing the operation of the concert hall.

One particular focus is the area of music education. A working group consisting of representatives from the BRSO Education Team, the Munich University of Music and Performing Arts, the State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, and the State Ministry of Science and the Arts has been developing the conceptual orientation of music education activities at the Konzerthaus München since January 2018.

In order to enable accessibility and participation in culture at all levels,  regardless of age groups and social classes, the Ministry of Arts is being advised by the “Netzwerk Junge Ohren e.V.”, an umbrella organization of German music mediators. The Konzerthaus München project also participates in the “Kultur öffnet Welten“ initiative, which was funded until 2021  by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of the “Cultural Integration and Knowledge Transfer Competence Network”. The aim is to define focal points of subsequent cultural operations at an early state of planning. These include the following areas in particular:

  • Digital formats, in order to be able to respond to new media demands as a significant cultural venue and to enable cultural participation and interaction regardless of location
  • Access to the program in rural areas, in order to make the Konzerthaus München a cultural venue for the entire Free State of Bavaria through cooperation with schools and partner institutions
  • Cross-generational and age-group-specific programs, in order to offer attractive formats for children, young people and families, extending to older people with age-related limitations,

The Konzerthaus is an open site of encounter in a diverse and dynamic society, with inclusive formats for people from differing cultural and social backgrounds, with and without disabilities.